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Smart Metering

Welcome to the Smart Metering page on the MRASCo website.

About Smart Metering

Smart meters are the next generation of electricity and gas meters. The Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) will deliver the roll-out of smart metering to both the domestic and smaller non-domestic sectors.

The roll-out of smart meters across Great Britain will require changes to the regulatory framework governing energy participants. This includes the creation of a new industry code, the ‘Smart Energy Code’ (SEC) in addition to amendments to existing energy codes, such as the MRA, in line with developments in the SMIP.

The role of the MRA in Smart Metering Implementation

The Master Regulation Agreement (MRA) is a mandated multi-party agreement between all licensed Electricity Distribution and Supply businesses operating in the GB market.

Via its service provider Gemserv, the MRA Service Company (MRASCo) has the role of ensuring that the required changes to the MRA to support the implementation of smart metering are delivered. Specifically, this involves establishing the necessary framework and making the required amendments to the MRA and its associated products.

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