Stage 0 Migration and Cut Over »

Stage 0 Migration and Cut Over

Live Migration & Cut-Over : Thu 27th June 19 to Sun 30th June 19


We are pleased to confirm all parties have successfully completed their migration activities as of Friday 28th June.

Service Broadcast from ElectraLink 01/07/2019 12:46

Following the release of DTC Version 12.5 on the 27th June, it has been highlighted a number of flows are failing to be delivered to Gateways. This is largely due to routes not having been configured for the receipt of new versions of updated flows and new DTC flows.

ElectraLink are assisting DTS users in the reconfiguration of routing to ensure files are received in good time, and business processes are not delayed.

If users need any assistance during this time, they are advised to contact quoting your business MPID and Role Codes.

Impacted Flows:

D0089 v002 – Notification from MPAS of Changed Metering Point Details

D0091 v002 – Notification of Removal of a Registration Objection

D0204 v002 – Selective or Full Refresh of MPAS Details

D0213 v002 – Advice from MPAS of Changed Metering Point Details

D0217 v002 – Confirmation of the Registration of a Metering Point

D0259 v002 – Notification to New Supplier of Future Changes

D0260 v002 – Notification from MPAS of Old Supplier Registration Details

D0306 v002 – Request for Debt Information

D0307 v002 – Debt Information

D0308 v002 – Confirmation of Customer Debt Transfer

D0309 v002 – Confirmation of Debt Assigned

D0312 v002 – Notification of Meter Information to ECOES

D0386 v001 – Manage Metering Point Relationships

Update (28/06/2019 18:51pm): All user access to ECOES has now been restored. All functionality, with the exception of D0312 Maintenance (deprecated) has now been restored

Update (28/06/2019 18:00pm): All user access to ECOES has now been removed to allow C&C Group to deploy essential updates, this is expected to last for up to two hours

Update (28/06/2019 17:05pm): An incident has been identified by some industry parties, whereby some Change of Supplier dataflows have been rejected as a result of incorrect versioning following the latest DTN update on 27/06/2019. This is as a result of a system upgrade occurring prior to the gateway closure on 27/06/19. The relevant provider will be responsible for re-processing the files delivered to them by COB Monday 01st July, therefore no further action is required by Suppliers or DNO parties.

This will not impact all Suppliers/ DNOs. The affected parties will receive confirmation on their processed flows/file batches before or by COP Monday 01/07/2019.

Update (28/06/2019 13:07pm): All parties have successfully downloaded their migration files from their sFTP

Update (28/06/19 10:15am): All Migration files have successfully been generated and placed in parties sFTP 


ECOES Availability during Cut-Over Weekend

ECOES functionality will be restricted from 6pm on Thu 27th June 19 to Fri 28th June 19. During this period ECOES will only facilitate the following:

  •  Primary Search and Results
  • User Management (to cater for any password resets / account management)

At 6pm on Fri 28th June 19, ECOES will not be available to any users to allow for crucial updates to be applied. This outage should last no longer than 2 hours, after which the restricted functionality will be available once more.

On Sat 29th June 19 all functionality will be returned to ECOES, with the exception of the depreciated D0312 functionality.

The last D0312 report will be processed on Thu 27th June 19. As reports are available for 3 months, the D0312 reporting will still be available for download until the end of September 19 through the regular reporting screen within ECOES.

Queries can be directed at all times during this weekend to:

Note: if you are a party who is not involved in the specific activities during the live migration and cut-over weekend from Monday 01st July.

Last updated: 01/07/2019 13:34pm


Stage Zero Migration Overview

Ofgem’s Faster Switching Programme has been broken down into several stages. Stage 0, a pre-requisite of Stage 1 (Design, Build and Test) commenced in August 2018.

Stage 0 encompasses a number of activities for Industry to complete.

One of the major activities is the migration of Meter Technical and Asset Provider data from the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) to the Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS) and the provision of a new Related MPAN indicator within MPAS.

As a consequence of this activity the current D0312 (Notification of Meter Information) dataflow which can be delivered by Meter Operators (MOps) to ECOES directly, will cease prior to the live cut-over weekend commencing 27th June 2019. Following completion of the migration, MOps will then deliver the D0312 data to MPAS directly. There will also be a new Related MPAN indicator populated within MPAS via the new D0386 dataflow.

Please refer to the MRA Change Tracker and the MRA Data Transfer Catalogue (Version 12.5), for further details of these changes. 

The migration process and deprecation of D0312 functionality within ECOES has been scheduled over two weekends in June 2019.

Dress Rehearsal Weekend : Thu 13th June 19 to Sun 16th June 19 — Completed

Dress Rehearsal Progress 

We are pleased to confirm the successful completion of the Stage 0 – Dress Rehearsal Migration, as of Friday 14th June.