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When can I begin the Entry Assessment process?

Entry Assessment may begin once the Applicant has acceded to the MRA and BSC. After this MRASCo and Elexon will hold a Joint Planning meeting with the new entrant to discuss project timescales and provide further detail about the Market Entry processes.


What information should I familiarise myself with to become an MRA Party?

Below we have provided references to relevant documents to use during the various stages of MRA Entry Assessment.

Read OrderDocumentSelf-AssessmentMarket Scenario TestingCMERe-qualification
1 MAP05 – Entry Assessment and Re-qualification
2 EP-10454 Information for Applicants v7.0
3 EP-10468 Entry Assessment Questionnaire and Guidance on Completion v8.0
4 EP-10475 Configuration Management Return v8.0
5 MRA & BSC Joint Storyboards
6 PRD Sheets - Supplier Storyboards v5
7 PRD Sheets - Distribution Storyboards v5
8 EP-10477 Controlled Market Entry Process v8.0
9 EP-10566 Controlled Market Entry Report v7.0
10 EP-10479 Re-Qualification Process V5.0
11 EP-10481 Re-Qualification Return & Guidelines Version 5.0

How long does the Entry Assessment process take?

Exact timings will vary depending on a number of factors and the indicative timings below should only be used as a rough guide for the completion of Entry Assessment stages:

Process StageIndicative timescale to progress
Self-Assessment Stage5 weeks
Market Scenario Testing Stage8-10 weeks (dependant on sector and experience)
Controlled Market EntryA minimum of 4 weeks

Who should I contact to discuss becoming an MRA Party?

The Assurance team ( is responsible for managing and helping parties through the Entry Assessment process and is happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.