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How do I submit an MRA Change Proposal?

Any MRA party, Formal MRA Meeting or Gemserv can submit a Change Proposal (CP). To submit a CP please complete the Change Proposal form and email it to

How long does it take for a change to be raised and implemented?

This varies depending on the nature of change. A Change Proposal takes a minimum of two months to be approved by the MRA Development Board upon raise however all but urgent changes to the GDCC, ECOES or Central Systems usually have a lead time of 6 months before implementation.

What changes have been approved but are awaiting implementation?

All changes awaiting implementation are listed within the Monthly Product Timetable. This can be found on the MRASCo website under the “Change Page” section and “Implementation Timetable” sub-section

How do I submit an MRA Issue Form (MIF)?

Where a Party feels they have encountered a problem relating to processes governed under the MRA, but are unsure of if or how to progress a potential change, it may present an issue to the Issue Resolution Expert Group (IREG) to seek guidance.